REC Silicon - A Quick Overview

Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange

Norwegian Roots, American Impact. REC Silicon may have its origins in Norway, but its heart and operations are deeply entrenched in the United States. Two U.S.-based plants, and a leading producer of advanced silicon materials. REC Silicon is listed on the Oslo stock exchange under the ticker: RECSI. An exchange that, unfortunately, doesn't quite capture its potential, and REC Silicon remains largely under the radar for retail investors, particularly in the US and other major markets.

A Leader in High-Purity Silicon Materials

REC Silicon holds the unique distinction of being the only large-scale producer of silane gas in both the U.S. and Europe, marking it as a key player in the silicon materials industry. This specialization not only underscores REC's technical expertise but also its crucial role in supplying essential materials for various industries: Energy storage, Batteries, Solar, Semiconductors and AI.

In the article listed below we cover the Whats next from the cheat sheet above, and we also go more in-depth on REC Silicons crucial role in the supply chain for silicon batteries, and other industries.

REC Silicon: A Comeback Story
REC Silicon, with its core operations and facilities strategically based in the United States, and all of a sudden a key player in U.S. value chains critical to national security…

Strategically Positioned Assets

REC Silicon's prowess is further amplified by its two strategically significant assets: the Moses Lake facility in Washington and the Butte facility in Montana. These sites are not just physical plants; they are pivotal in the rapidly expanding industries of solar energy, semiconductors, and batteries. Positioned in sectors that are riding the wave of global megatrends, these facilities are primed to benefit from lasting political support and a promising profitability outlook.

The Hydropower Advantage

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, REC Silicon's commitment to clean energy and a low carbon footprint is commendable. Their utilization of hydropower-based processes for silicon material production sets a standard for sustainability in the industry. This approach not only aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions but also enhances the appeal of REC Silicon's products in a market that values eco-friendly practices.