Eyes on Group14

Eyes on Group14

Pioneering the Future of Battery Technology

Rick Luebbe and Rick Costantino are co-founders of Group14. Together they bring a combination of business acumen and technical expertise to Group14 Technologies. Their leadership has positioned the company as a significant player in the battery technology sector, particularly in the development of silicon-based anode materials.

We witness a story of ambition, innovation, and a profound dedication to reshaping the world of battery technology. The Rick`s and their track records showcase a commitment to innovation and advancing technologies that have the potential to transform energy storage and usage

As of April 2023, Group14 is underway with constructing the world's largest facility dedicated to advanced silicon battery materials - in Moses Lake, Washington

Revolutionizing with High Silicon Content

Central to Group14's innovation is their focus on high silicon content in anode materials. This significant shift from traditional graphite anodes to silicon-rich anodes marks a pivotal advancement. It leads to batteries that offer not just more energy storage but also enhanced longevity, encapsulating the founders' vision of a more efficient and sustainable energy future.

Prominent investors, including Porsche and Microsoft's climate innovation fund

Microsoft's investment reflects their belief in Group14's potential to advance battery technology in a way that aligns with sustainability goals.

Porsche's involvement not only provides financial backing but also adds automotive industry expertise and an avenue for the application of Group14's advanced battery materials.


The backing from these two (among others) highlights Group14 Technologies' role as an innovator in the battery materials industry, with the financial and strategic support to significantly impact the future of energy storage and electric vehicles.

Linking to REC Silicon

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